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Kashmiri Muslims in Delhi

Kashmiris who travel to Delhi each year in pursuit of a livelihood report a sense of insecurity and vulnerability during their stay, apart from ceaseless harassment by the police.

Sociology Curriculum:Old Problems, New Approaches

What are the demands made by technological advancements, the ever-changing contextualities of the subject, inter-disciplinary influences and changing consumer demands on sociology as a discipline of study in Indian universities? A workshop conducted by Pune University's sociology department tried to probe these aspects and sought to come up with answers and solutions to the problems posed.

Massacres of Adivasis

Adivasis of Jharkhand's Ranchi district have for long been agitating against the Koel-Karo hydel power project, that threatens to displace most inhabitants - mainly the tribal groups, from the region. The recent unprecedented police firing on a group of peaceful protestors; followed by the state government and the police's nonchalance and the largely, one-sided press reports have not deterred them in its resolve to continue its struggle, firmly espousing the path of peace and democracy.

Namrup Fertiliser Plant

Development projects in Assam have been grossly neglected while insurgency and political issues have claimed centre stage. The Namrup Fertiliser Plant is a prominent example of such neglect. Political opposition ensured that in spite of the viability of the Namrup plant, its fate was tied to the economically sick Hindustan Fertiliser Corporation (HFCL). It is time politicians realised that the struggle to separate the Namrup unit from the other units of HFCL is part of a larger movement to promote development, which, in turn, could prove to be the best check on insurgent politics in the region.

Pollution Control

A fitting tribute to India's pollution control boards on their 25th anniversary would be subsume them under environment protection agencies. This is not to belittle the boards - inadequate as their performance has been - but to emphasise that protection of the environment today goes far beyond control of water and air pollution a quarter of a century ago.

Kashmir : The Negative Vote

For the bulk of the population of the Valley electoral participation in the current context of a political impasse only symbolises support for the legitimating structures which have been called into question and form the basis of the militant movement. The verdict, not surprisingly, is given through non-participation.

Chechnya A Triumph for Russian Orthodox Civilisation

Orthodox 'Civilisation' A Correspondent I answer for everything Boris Yeltsin, speech at Perm WHERE else in the 'civilised' world

Other Face of UN in Cambodia

introduces yet more stringent and abstract legislation

Corporate Survival over Justice to Victims

The agony of Bhopal is the continuing suffering and neglect of the 2,00,000 victims of the worst industrial disaster in history. In the months since then the company has tried numerous tactics to minimise its liability including an attempt to deny its responsibility for its Indian subsidiary It has stalled court proceedings, obstructed relief measures and mounted a painstakingly designed public relations campaign. This article is condensed from the report of the International Coalition for Justice in Bhopal which has documented the activities of Union Carbide and the Government of India since that awful night on December 2-3, 1984.

A Common Future for Whom-How Norway s Labour Party Manages Capitalism

fates is high inflation, since interest costs build into the price structure. Graph 4 traces the recent path of inflation in Mexico. After peaking at the start of 1983, inflation gradually diminished to about 50 per cent annually. However, the reduction of supply, together with high interest rates and increased rates and taxes helped accelerate inflation after 1983.

Why Ban High Dose EP Drugs

A Correspondent Medically and socially there is every reason to ban high dose oestrogen-progesterone drugs. These drugs, which are easily available over the counter, are widely misused with negative consequences for fetuses accidentally exposed to them. Moreover, these products have no role to play in medical practice.


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