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Punjab’s Voters Settle for Change of the Familiar Kind

Winning in Punjab provides the Congress, which is desperately looking for a national revival, the best opportunity. However, the Badals have left Chief Minister Amarinder Singh with empty coffers. He has a strong enough mandate and nothing to lose if he decides to strike out for bold policy reforms that will put Punjab back on the right path. But he needs to make a clean break from the coteries that came to define his first government. As for Aam Aadmi Party, it is now the main opposition in the assembly but it must ponder over why it failed to do as well as it and its opponents, expected.

Israel and Tropical Africa

This article, published in the February 1965 issue of Economic Weekly, is an interesting take on technical assistance of Israel to tropical African countries - a few years before the 1967 war in Nigeria.

A Different Route to Justice: The Lalit Mehta Murder Case

By refusing to investigate and prosecute the alleged killers of Lalit Mehta, the agencies of Jharkhand state had abdicated their duties in delivering justice. The Maoists lived up to their promise of taking on the alleged murderers and administered justice of a different kind by killing some of them. The incidents following Mehta's death show up the inadequacy and failure of the Indian state as an agency that guarantees justice.
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