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Notes on the Military Presence in Sri Lanka's Northern Province

The Sri Lankan government may have won the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in the north-east of the country, but another protracted struggle is looming on the horizon, that of winning democracy and development back from the clutches of militarisation. In the meantime, for those in the north (and the east) struggling to recover socially, economically and psychologically from the war, the message for the moment at least is clear: reconcile, by keeping your head down, give way to the army, be patient and hope for the best. In other words – “do pretty much what you did to survive the reign of the LTTE ”.



Communal Riots in Hyderabad: Understanding the Causes

The communal violence in Hyderabad in early April was the result of decades of abandonment of the Old City and its people by secular parties and the almost complete neglect of basic administration. The Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen or the Majlis party, which has been strengthened by the communal politics of other parties, is today helping to revive Hindu communalism through its own politics of keeping religious divides alive. Establishing a good and impartial administration and opening up the space for secular politics is the only way to break out of this trap.

Letter from a Tamil in North-East Sri Lanka

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam lacked many of the characteristics of a party leading a liberation movement; it instead had several attributes of a terrorist organisation. But the people in north-east Sri Lanka have little faith that the victorious Sri Lankan government will implement a political package that will address the grievances of the Tamils. However, if no political solution is found, a future Tamil movement, which will have learnt the lessons of the defeat of the LTTE, will stop only at a separate state.

Engendering Governance

Engendering Governance Institutions: State, Market and Civil Society edited by Smita Mishra Panda;

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