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Doing without Morality

brotherhood, opposition to imperialism, racism and zionism are particularly apt in the context of what the Government of India precipitated and exploited in distant Assam, Who says internationalism is useless and outdated?

Present Glory

February 26 1972 topward status mobility There is therefore, a need to distinguish between mobility attcmpts by castes spearheaded by political mobillsation and mobility attempts an the scale modern occti- pastionals The lattes characters ises the Kanya-Kubjas 'and is reflected in thir sabha actives. It is however, necessaryto note that this is not un- related to Sanskritisation, because the modern Kanya-Kubja elite, through their sabhas help maintain caste, kin ship and marriage norms Which are part of the Brahmanieal Value system.

Decline of Indira's Government

Speculations about policy changes and of Cabinet reshuffIes were one of the few exercises that special correspondents were hardly called upon to undertake during Nehru's seventeen years as Prime Minister. Under Shastri, policies were changed without publicity and the solitary instance of TTK's exit from the Cabinet was so neatly managed that the fairly alert press corps in the Capital was taken by surprise.

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