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The European Union's Sham Democracy

Apathy has characterised voting in elections for the European Parliament in many countries in Europe. This was true in the June 2009 elections as well, which also saw the rise of the right wing parties.

The 'Masters of the Universe' Outsmart Themselves

The titans of Wall Street, having free reign to pursue profits irrespective of the risks involved, outsmarted themselves by creating more and more complex financial networks both in order to continue squeezing out more profits and to postpone the eventuality of a coming crisis. They ended up believing that the new world of finance will not collapse because it had been expanding since the moment of its creation.

Critical Reflections on Globalisation

Critical Reflections on Globalisation James Petras Chronis Polychroniou The rise of globalism is intimately relaxed to One growth of class conflict and the squeeze of profits during the limited globalisation period associated with the 'welfare state'. The crisis of declining profits associated with rising popular power is the source of the demise of 'national development'. The success of capital In undermining popular power, dismaniling the welfare state and converting the state into an instrument of overseas expansion is the underlying condition for globalisation, not 'technological changes', ' world market imperatives' or the 'logic of capital '.

Rise and Fall of US Imperialism

The article focuses on the role of the US imperial state in the process of worldwide capitalist development and capital accumulation and its efforts to establish global hegemony. It argues that US imperialism has reached a critical stage in its evolution: the over-extension of the empire is causing the downfall of the domestic economy and society1. Domestic economic reconstruction has been sacrificed for global corporate and financial expansion as the interests of the capitalist ruling class lie in foreign investments and global markets.

Nature of Capitalist Transformation-Continuing Relevance of Marxism

Continuing Relevance of Marxism James Petras Chronis Polychroniou Since the collapse of Soviet-style planned economies in central and eastern Europe and the disintegration of the former USSR, Marxism has been dismissed by intellectuals of all political stripes as a potentially relevant force. This is profoundly mistaken, for the collapse of bureaucratic collectivism vindicates Marxism in theory and political practice. This paper highlights the relevance of Marxism in understanding the fall of state socialism and the deep structural dynamics and contradictions of contemporary capitalism.

President Bush s Farewell with Arms

James Petras Chronis Polychroniou Bill Clinton's appointments to key cabinet posts and those immediately below are all oriented towards global policies and the indications are that the pursuit of 'American leadership' for global hegemony will define the limits and ultimately the failure of the Clinton administration's effort to reconstruct America.

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