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Sustainable Livestock Production in Semi-Arid Watersheds

Watershed development programmes while exhibiting significant impacts in terms of increased crop production and productivity, appear to have accentuated the inter-household inequities, by ignoring or sometimes negatively affecting landless and livestock, especially small-ruminant, owning households. Enhancing the production potential of a watershed for sustainable livestock production, would contribute to livelihood- and equity-enhancing impacts of the programmes. Appropriate policy and investment decisions are crucial to making this plausible.

Water Sector Reforms in Mexico

This paper analyses a decade of water sector reforms in Mexico with the specific purpose of drawing useful lessons for Indian water policy. Particularly after 1992, Mexico has implemented serious, comprehensive and far-reaching water sector reforms that required the government to create a new legal framework; restructure existing water administration; promote and support a plurality of new autonomous and quasi-autonomous water institutions; modify incentives in water use to different user groups; and struggle with a vast complex of unresolved operational issues in implementing the reforms. Mexico may not be a model for India but Mexico's experience does suggest that changing the way a nation manages its water resources necessitates far-reaching changes in administration, institutional structure, law and operating rules, incentives and power structures, and above all consistent commitment to the reform process.

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