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Displacement and Migration

Development-Induced Displacement in India and China: A Comparative Look at the Burdens of Growth edited by Florence Padovani, with a Foreword by Michael M Cernea, Lanham, Boulder,
New York, London: Lexington Books, 2016; pp 282, $95 (hardcover)

Dams and Resistance

Dams and Resistance transformation of the international dam- Dams and Development: building regime, both in scale, and in Transnational Struggles for Water policies, at the national and international and Power level. So, for Khagram, the effective engine by Sanjeev Khagram; of change has been TAO

Economic Development and Population Displacement

In the vast majority of situations, not 'everybody' can win when it comes to development projects involving resettlement of displaced people. This is in significant measure because of the complexities inherent in the resettlement process. Development-with-resettlement projects are about a power differential - outsiders intervene via an infrastructure project and put pressure on people to get out of the way. If we are to enable the less powerful to keep open their options, and hence their chances of benefitting, we need to acknowledge the political issue. The choice for an open-ended, more participatory approach for greater co-ownership of development projects is a political choice.

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