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Lok Dal-Choosing the Heir

Choosing the Heir CHARAN SINGH, the seriously ill patriarch of the Lok Dal, has bequeathed his political estate to his US-trained son, Ajit Singh. The recent upheavals in the Lok Dal have to be seen as the outcome of the withdrawal of power from H N Bahuguna and others. Bahuguna was the party's working president, next to Charan Singh, and has a good following in the UP legislative assembly and in the Bihar party led by Karpoori Thakur. The Lok Dal, like its predecessors, the Bharatiya Lok Dal and the Bharatiya Kranti Dal, draws electoral support from the Jats, in western UP and Haryana, and other 'backward castes' such as Yadavs and Kurmis in UP and Bihar. Charan Singh has been the unchallenged leader of this political constituency. His own support has all along come from the Jats, with leaders of the other numerically smaller but politically more conscious 'backward castes', who failed to secure positions of power in the ruling Congress(l), rallying behind him.
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