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Property Rights and the Social Costs of Transition and Development in China

There is considerable ferment over property rights in China today. This paper briefly explores important areas in which social unrest over property rights is currently under way, beginning with a discussion of the general debate about this issue in China, and then moving on to consider such rights in agriculture, intellectual property rights, and property rights in the environmental field. The objective is to indicate how the property rights debate overlaps the argument about social costs of transition, including widening income inequality, environmental devastation, and so on.

Judging Economic Development-The Case of China

The Case of China Carl Riskin In any attempt to judge economic development, three broad categories of questions arise : first, the impact which economic change has on welfare; second, the objective historical process called development' and the specification of its parameters for use as yardsticks to evaluate contemporary development efforts; and third, the evaluation of a society's success in achieving its own, self-prescribed goals.

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