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Post-Tsunami Housing in Tamil Nadu

The tsunami relief effort was based on the recognition that out of disaster an opportunity can be created to rebuild, expand and improve upon services, correct imbalances and meet the needs of vulnerable groups. But in housing, this case study from Tamil Nadu shows that even three years after the disaster, a large proportion of the affected continue to live in temporary shelters. Apart from analysing the post-tsunami shelter and settlement strategy of Tamil Nadu government, this article also deals with the critical issues in the construction of permanent houses.

Public Health Foundation of India: Redefining Public Health?

The setting up of the Public Health Foundation of India marks the coming together of interests that are inimical to public health. The PHFI and its institutes - albeit located in India and with the blessings of the Indian government - will in effect function as an extension of American interests. It is to be governed by technocrats/bureaucrats and nominated NGOs and will be subjected to little or no accountability/scrutiny by the Indian polity.

Polio Eradication: Some Concerns

factor for paralysis in poliomyelitis; it has been mentioned in one of the earlier WHO Polio Eradication:
reports also (WHO 1997). We would like to know why this important risk factor has not been included in the IEC material and Some Concerns C SATHYAMALA, RITU PRIYA, RAJIB DASGUPTA, ONKAR MITTAL This is in response to the article,

Injectable Contraceptives How Safe is Safe

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11 Aziz Ahmad, 'islamic Modernism in India and Pakistan 1857-1964", London, 1967,


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