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Debating China's 'Peaceful Rise'

There is nothing random about the intensity of the current Chinese campaign to convince its neighbours in Asia that its new profile in the world system does not threaten anyone. Over the longer term, India faces a challenge similar to that of China in convincing the world that its increasing weight in the regional and international system will not lead to a systemic disruption.

India-Pakistan: Ten Questions on Peace Process

India-Pakistan dialogue is a complex political theatre. Process and substance in any dialogue are not unrelated. At this stage, understanding the difficulties inherent in the process is critical in assessing its durability. Raised here are 10 basic questions on the structure of these negotiations.

Casey s People

Casey's People C Raja Mohan IT is not too fashionable in India these days to talk about the CIA. Only communists, their fellow travellers, KGB agents, and the

Nuclear Test Ban Receding Hopes

and orientation of planning structures in India's organised dairying has been noted, the issue of foreign aid was more fully addressed at the workshop around the question whether India's dairy development has come to be dependent on external resources, whether as aid or as imports. The question can be broken down into several parts: Is aid needed? Is it only an additional resource, or more than that? How and for which purposes is it used? What impact does it have on domestic prices, both for producers and consumers? What conditions are attached to or implicit in aid in dairying? What impact does it have on the setting of priorities in rural development and what are the implications of various elements of the aid package, e g, on cross-breeding or for developing alternative regional strategies? What are the donor's interests? Finally, what are the alternatives?

India and the Asian Security Concept

India and the Asian Security Concept C Raja Mohan WHEN Gorbachev arrives in New Delhi this week, it would be his first visit to an Asian Capital. The choice, many Soviets take pains to point out, is a deliberate indication of the importance India continues to have in the Soviet worldview. To be sure, the Indo-Soviet consultations would be dominated by issues of trade, economic and technological cooperation, Afghanistan, and the emerging US-Pak strategic consensus, expansion of Indo-Soviet defence co-operation, the impact of improving Sino-Soviet relations on India, and global disarmament. But another issue likely to crop up would be the new Soviet conception of a comprehensive programme for Asian-Pacific security outlined by the general secretary of CPSU at Vladivostok on July 28 this year. The Soviets are certain to probe and sound out the Indian side, which has maintained a discreet silence on the subject until now.

Nuclear Cartelisation Theory and Practice

Nuclear Cartelisation: Theory and Practice S Jaishankar C Raja Mohan The era of the Nuclear Nan-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has been characterised by increasing transfers of nuclear facilities across national boundaries. Most of these transfer recipients

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