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CTBT and National and Regional Politics

CTBT and National and Regional Politics C P Geevan Meera Velayudhan THE article 'Why India Should Sign CTBT: Returning to Our Own Agenda' by Praful Bidwai and Achin Vanaik (EPW, September 19, 1998) provides a detailed, much needed and timely account of the CTBT. It also examines the validity of the arguments advanced to oppose it. The authors present a highly technical, almost clinical, perhaps even to the point of being virtually non-political, exposition of the case for CTBT-almost with the innocence of fervent peaceniks. This, of course, makes their plea very compelling and persuasive, but only if such questions were purely apolitical, which unfortunately is not the case. To those who live in a black and white world without any shades of gray and who will stop at nothing short of a world absolutely free of discriminatory regimes, the case presented by the authors is compulsory reading.
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