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Mechanisms of Oligopoly- Analysis of Cotton and Allied Textiles

Mechanisms of Oligopoly Analysis of Cotton and Allied Textiles C P Chandrasekhar AS far back as the turn of of the century, acute observers of contemporary capitalism had pointed to a tendency, which in their view, was to significantly alter the character and movement of the economic system, viz, the growing monopolisation of economic activity in general and industrial capital in particular. Fuelled by the coalescence of banking and industrial capital, this process, it was clear even then, necessitated not only a reformulation of theoretical constructs on the functioning of capitalism, but also the explicit incorporation of an international perspective in understanding economic and political developments both in the developed centres of capitalism and in the colonial and semi-colonial periphery.

Multi-Fibre Policy for Implications of Cotton Textile Industry

Textile Industry C P Chandrasekhar Mridul Eapen The manner in which the multi-fibre policy, and the reasons for its introduction, have been phrased raises a number of questions.


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