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India and Africa in the Global Agricultural System (1961–2050)

The asynchronous but somewhat similar agricultural trajectories of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, especially India, are analysed over nearly a century (1961–2050). Millions of pieces of data available on the past (1961–2007) and on a plausible future (2006–50 projections by the Food and Agriculture Organization) are organised in a simple world food model where production, trade and consumption are aggregated and balanced in calories. Given the current and/or future land–labour relationships that characterise India and Africa, can these regions experience the same structural transformation that the developed countries went through, or work together towards a new sociotechnical regime by developing their own regionally differentiated labour-intensive production investments and technological capacities for economic, social, and ecological sustainability?

For a Second Green Revolution

A recent Indo-French seminar discussed the weaknesses of Indian agriculture, the limits of input subsidies, and the scope for reform towards a second green revolution. A report.

Food Policy and Nutritional Security

Food self-sufficiency or food security is usually measured in terms of cereals and calories. Through an analysis of the Indian nutritional supply and accessibility, this article focuses on the determining factors of production, distribution and consumption of lipids. It demonstrates that there is a much more severe deficiency of fats (and of calories) than that of carbohydrates and proteins, especially in rural India. This leads us to assess the role of food(-grain) policies following the green revolution.

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