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Modern Styles Ancient Themes-Sociologists Confer

Sociologists Confer Brij Raj Chauhau IF one subscribes to the oft-repeated remark that Sociology is what the people who call themselves sociologists do, a national conference of sociologists should provide an opportunity for knowing the types of questions they ask and the way they seek to attempt those questions. As specialists on social relations claiming to study persistence and change in societies, they occasionally reflect upon the trends operating in their own society. The Eighth All India Sociological Conference held in Agra last month provided an occasion for raising questions ranging from religion to politics, Religion is one of the methods available to society for prescribing such values and rituals as might be able to influence social conduct. Hinduism has been understood by some as a fatalistic religion acting as a drag on economic growth. Authorities for and against this view were examined and it was felt that the scriptures Could be cited cither way. It was pointed out that there were groups and sects within the broad spectrum of Hindu, Sikh and Jain religions that positively motivated the members towards organising their activities for material benefits. These sects needed further study.
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