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Training Methods for Social Research

October 30, 1971 price variation he taken into account, the difference seems to he smaller, about 22 per cent. In contrast, Madhya Pradesh seems to he further above the all-India level after the deflation. Madras and West Bengal are above the all-India level before delation hut are below the same after deflation. In general, the standing of high-price states, like Maharashtra, (Gujarat and Assam, is lowered, while those of low-price states like UP improve, as a result of the deflation.

Indian Sociologists Changing Concerns

SOCIOLOGISTS and social anthropologists have in recent years been criticised in rather strange ways. They have been praised for their meticulous procedures in solving or reporting on minor and irrelevant questions. They have been charged with spending more and more time on minor matters. The micro-studies carried out in depth by them have been questioned for their representative character. Their concern wifh tribe, family and kin, village and caste has been held up Vis an indictment of their capacity to understand modern institutions.

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

Brij Raj Chauhan An attempt has been made in this article to examine Census of India data on (i) distribution of Scheduled Castes and Tribes in the different States ; (ii) their occupational pattern ; and, (iii) their literacy and educational levels.
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