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The Environment Debate Some Issues and Trends

and Trends Biplab Dasgupta This paper examines some major issues and trends which dominate the literature on environment today. It begins with a critical examination of the neo-classical framework for analysing environment, and is followed by a similar examination of the approaches of the structuralists and the Club of Rome, the Founex group of experts, the new international economic order, and the United Nations Environment Programme.

India s Green Revolution

Biplab Dasgupta This paper examines the social and economic consequences of the introduction of high-yielding varieties in Indian agriculture. In particular, it tries to identify the factors which explain the initial success of the HYV as well as the stagnation following the peak year of 1971.

Migration from Villages

Migration from Villages Biplab Dasgupta Roy Laishley The objective of this paper, based on data from 40 Indian villages, is to find answers to the following two major questions on migration :

A Typology of Village Socio-Economic Systems

From Indian Village Studies Biplab Dasgupta A great deal of attention has been given in recent years to the need for locality-oriented studies. The need arises out of the dissatisfaction with aggregate data at the national or regional level which conceal important intra-national or intra-regional variations and underplay the complexity of relationships among a multitude of social, economic and political factors.

Naxalite Armed Struggles and the Annihilation Campaign in Rural Areas

examinations. But afterwards the annihilation policy was also implemented in the city and the main targets became the personnel of CPI(M), police constables and petty businessmen. These actions brought a flood of publicity through the press and radio, nothing like which was obtained by the revolts in rural areas. But this shift in the area of operation

The 1972 Election in West Bengal

The 1972 Election in West Bengal Biplab Dasgupta The spectacular victory of Congress in the 1972 election in West Bengal has come as a big surprise to many. Although many observers probably expected a Congress victory

Socio-Economic Classification of Districts-A Statistical Approach

Biplab Dasgupta This paper seeks to examine the classification of districts according to their degree of development given in the 1961 Census in the light of more sophisticated statistical exercises than those undertaken by the Census Commission, The correlation matrix of the socio-economic variables is first examined in order to weed out the less significant ones and to find a smaller set of variables which move together and which approximately stand for economic and social development, Secondly, a principal component analysis is carried out on the basis of both this smaller set as also the original set of variables, and the districts are classified into four development categories according to the values of the principal component.

Cost of Gas Production-A Comment

for framing a taxation policy for the agricultural .sector. NOTES 1 "Toe Science of Public Finance", London, p 132. 2 Report of Taxation Inquiry Commission

Pricing of Oil Products-Its Economic Consequences

Its Economic Consequences Biplab Dasgupta Adherence to the outdated formula of fixing oil prices on the basis of Persian Gulf import parity is producing a number of serious economic consequences, particularly because the country's demand for oil products is now largely fulfilled by domestic refineries at prices which bear little relationship with the pattern and location of the domestic market.


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