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Community Participation in Effective Water Resource Management

The initiation of the growth process in the rural economy in India, which is predominantly agriculture-based, needs optimum allocation and careful management of scarce water resources for irrigation. Using primary data, the impact of a tripartite institutional framework—comprising a non-governmental organisation, the funding agency, and the people (forming a community-based organisation)—on rural sustainability is examined. Tobit analysis is used to evaluate the impact of participation on rural sustainability. The results establish that community participation is critical in enhancing rural sustainability in terms of managing indigenous water harvesting structures like johads.

JFM in South-West Bengal-A Study in Participatory Development

The central idea behind joint forest management (JFM) is to transform the age-old authoritative and policing role of the state forest department into that of a facilitator vis-a-vis the local communities. The JFM resolution assumes symmetrical relationship between the government and the local institutions. Yet, state governments and their forest departments still refrain from conceding legal status to forest protection committees, retain their right to dissolve them and appropriate a large share of forest produce. A case study of six villages from three districts in south-west Bengal also reveals chequered results regarding maintaining inter-village equity in the apportionment of forest land, meeting the forest-based needs of adjacent non-FPC villagers, and exploration of the commercial potential of the non-timber forest produce.

Community-Based Forest Management Practices-Field Observations from Orissa

Field Observations from Orissa Binay Kumar Pattnaik Anirudh Brahmachari Given the industrial, consumptional and ecological benefits of forests, the rapid depletion of forests all over the world is a cause for grave concern. The sustainability of the forest resources and the restoration of ecology can be achieved through involvement of communities dependent on forest produce. For this, an effective co-ordination between forest and revenue departments, and grass roots organisations needs to be established.

Distorted Development in Orissa

Binay Kumar Pattnaik Underdevelopment and Destitution: Essays on Orissan Society, Jaganath Pathy; Pub-Inter India Publications, 1988; pp 248, Rs 225.

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