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Learning to Live with Dacoits

Dacoit gangs operating in the Banda district of UP are successfully holding people to ransom. Whether it is poor workers or works contractors everyone has to pay the dacoits to avoid harassment.

Tribal Discontent Timely Warning

create, came out in the open.
The motivation and the ideological basis of the revitalisation movement contradict the interpretation of the tribal revolts as 'revivalistic or 'nativistic'. The readiness of the tribals to accept the diversion from their tradition which the revitalisation programme necessitated was motivated by the vision of recreating the blissful polity which they believed they once possessed in the past and it was not just nativism.

Tehri Dam What Do Experts Say

Bharat Dogra Several expert reports on the Tehri Project have pointed to serious inadequacies in the available seismicity data and have stressed the urgent need to collect and analyse the information before the project can be pronounced safe THE desirability of Tehri Dam Project (TDP) has been increasingly questioned on safety and ecological grounds. With various claims and counter-claims being made on this subject today, it is instructive to look at what senior geologists officially involved in the project have to say about it. Here we look first at what the original project report has to say and then at the opinion of reputed experts which has been officially obtained by the project authorities.

Bhagalpur Communal Violence Spreads to Villages

vironmental groups means that any talk of green politics within the Indian context is premature. Therefore it would be. wholly inappropriate to term either the tokenism of one person elected to Parliament, or the demonstrations of strength through the rounding up of large numbers of people, much as political parties do, at mass rallies, as an illustration of the alternative politics which one has come to expect when the term 'green' is used.

PUNJAB-Terrorism and Police Repression

Terrorism and Police Repression Bharat Dogra The ordinary people in the villages of Punjab, especially in districts like Amritsar and Gurdaspur, are threatened by both terrorist violence and police repression and left parties and groups, if they are to carry conviction with the people, have to work against both threats.

LABOUR-Laws Ignored

THE imposing roadside mansions, including a luxury restaurant, on the stretch of Delhi's ever-busy Ring Road around the Shalimar Bagh bus stop give the impression of prosperity, Turn to the road towards the railway crossing and you will see shop after shop of glittering steel utensils. This is Wazirpur, a big centre of steel utensil manufacture. Move into one of the roadside lanes, however, and you will come face-to-face with the stark reality of a huge, sprawling industrial slum.

Newcomers Below the Poverty Line

with him and that he should mend his ways.
The Times of India group is planning to launch new editions from Bhopal. It has already acquired land from the government for the purpose. The company is also putting up a Rs 108 crore acrylic staple fibre unit in Madhya Pradesh. Obviously it needs a lot of goodwill in the corridors of power.

The Other Epidemics

Bharat Dogra While the gastro-enteritis and cholera epidemic in Delhi had been in news headlines for some time, equally and even more serious outbreaks of epidemics, mainly among undernourished and malnourished sections of people having poor access to housing, sanitation and medicare, have not received due attention.

Food Processing Why MNCs

nationalisation of the trade union movement. Indian workers stand, by such measures to lose the vital gains and rights secured by the international trade union movements in the course of this century. They may have the stamina to fight these battles all over again. But can we fail to note the direction in which the legislative time machine is taking us?

FORESTRY-Gujarat Not a Model to Emulate

FORESTRY Gujarat: Not a Model to Emulate Bharat Dogra IT is customary for various official reports and reviews of forestry practices to repeat some suggestions over and over again, specially in the context of supposed welfare of forest-labourers and gatherers of forest produce. As evil contractors and middlemen are supposed to be the source of all exploitation of these people, the catch-all suggestions are for "expanding the network of forest co-operatives" and "speeding up the work of forest corporations" so that contractors and middlemen can be eliminated. These suggestions are presented and reviewed in such a way as if these are synonymous with the welfare of workers. In other words once the greedy middlemen have been eliminated and some work taken over by the Corporation' and some other by 'co-operatives' the welfare of forest labourers and miner forest produce (MFP) gatherers is taken to be achieved. The question of what exactly is the condition of workers under the new organisational set-up and how exactly it has changed is generally not examined, often not even raised.

LABOUR- CMSS Battles against Odds

September 6, 1986 LABOUR CMSS Battles against Odds Bharat Dogra CHATTISGARH Mines Shramik Sangh is a leading trade union in Chattisgarh region of Madhya Pradesh. Spread over Durg, Rajnandgaon and Bilaspur districts, this trade union has nearly 15,000 members in several mining and industrial units. The ma~ jority of them are concentrated in the iron- ore mines of Dalli-Rajhara (captive to Bhilai Steel Plant) in Durg district. Here the workers, left in the lurch by earlier trade union leaders, have made significant wage gains in the last nine years under the red and green flag of the CMSS.

Ethics of Transferring Genetic Resources

August 16, 1986 Ethics of Transferring Genetic Resources Bharat Dogra OF LATE there have been serious allegations in the Indian press regarding the unfair methods used by developed countries (or by research institutes, gene banks and multinational companies based there or serving their interests) to obtain access to plant genetic resources of Third World countries. The specific allegations are not at all new


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