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Science and Superstition

Bharat Dogra Instead of pursuing farmer-friendly science, India has opted for research which will be of interest only to business. In the circumstances, it is not surprising that farmers, perceiving this as deception in the name of science have espoused superstition and non-science.

Chilika Lake Controversy

than responsible statesmanship. The preceding three days had seriously upset the normal tenor of life in Calcutta and its suburbs


to purvey barely credible fiction about their doings. One person killed in the Behala operation, Niranjan Singh 'Dodhi', was described as the 'think tank' of the BhindranwaJa Tiger Force of Khalistan but in fact turned out to be an ordinary milk vendor Also liquidated were two of his sons who were abducted from near a tube-well and forced to enter the house that harboured the alleged militants.

Joint River Valley Projects-View from the Ground

marginal farmers and labourers for their cattle. The irrigated farmers owe this to the drought-affected people. Similarly free-cattle camps should be opened by each of the sugar factories, as was done in the Sangli district during the last drought.

Chattisgarh People s Movement after Niyogi

after Niyogi Bharat Dogra Shankar Guha Niyogi stressed that while struggle against injustice and exploitation was the basic task, it had to be combined as much as possible with constructive work. He also emphasised that the struggle had to be carried on as far as possible as a peaceful movement.

Destructive Mega Projects-Fate of Experts Opinion

even killed by the repressive forces. Josefa Padcayan was last seen on November 16, 1989 in the custody of members of the 17th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army. After that there has been nothing known of her whereabouts or well-being. In El Salvador, two health promoters, Julia Ponce and Angel Flores, working for the federation of Salvadorian agricultural co-operatives, were abducted on December 31, 1989, tortured and killed. Their bullet-ridden bodies were found on January 11, 1990. It appears that this was done by'the military and the National Police of El Salvador No investigation has been initiated and no one has been charged with the killings.

Remembering Paash

Bharat Dogra Avtar Singh Paash the Punjabi poet who was killed by terrorists in 1988 would have been 40 this month. His works span a wide range of subjects all of which reflect the struggles of ordinary people.

Significant Victory on Minimum Wages

where the affluent have their commercial offices, hotels and residences. But there is no alternative plan to re-employ and re-accommodate that textile workers who will be rendered jobless as well as homeless.

Elections Violence against Poor

candidates. It has allotted 25 per cent of its tickets to the forward castes and the rest to the OBC. Among the OBC the CPI has given 62.5 per cent tickets to Yadavas and the rest 12.5 per cent to Koiris. The CPI has not provided any ticket to SC, ST and Muslims.

Protesting Crimes against Women

and six students (as recommended by the vice chancellor) were also nominated. The element of election was totally done away with. The role of the chancellor was assumed by the government. Surprisingly let alone the teachers, even the chancellor (governor of the state) accepted the undemocratic set-up without any compunction. Now the proposed set-up of the AS is a superb administrative fiat. While accommodating the 'elected' element under the Class IV category, the new act has subverted academic freedom and autonomy in a most sophisticated manner. While Class I category consists of ex-officio members, Class II quota is limited to life members. Class III is called 'members to be nominated by the government'. They number a staggering 80. Of this 46 are professors and principals of colleges. Now Class IV category (elected members) total 30 with 20 teachers elected from among the teaching community and 10 MLAs elected from the state assembly. Now in the AS out of a total of nearly 160 members (excluding life members) the elected teachers will be too small a group to successfully affect any significant changes on academic matters. Thus the injection of 'democratic element' in the proposed form appears to be mere tokenism.

Mandal Commission Will Tribal Interests Suffer

With the acceptance of the Mandal report and the Other Backward Classes being brought under the Commission for Scheduled Castes and Tribes, will the tribals who will now comprise only a very small proportion of the population under the commission suffer neglect?

Big Projects Time to Rest Awhile

in front of the local MLA. He immediately responded with a statement declaring support to the Baliraja project and castigated the collector for his obstructionist tactics. Now the Baliraja activists plan to meet the chief minister Sharad Pawar with morchas during his visit to the district, The press and the middle class intellectuals have generally sided with Baliraja and this social support cannot be neglected by the ruling politicians.


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