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Wrongly Jailed Persons

Due to several complex factors, the number of innocent or almost innocent persons who are sent to jail and even spend quite a long time there is known to be very high in India. Mohammad Aamir Khan is one such person. At the age of 18 he was arrested by Delhi Police on charges of terrorism.

Peril of GMOs

In the recent debate on the introduction of genetically modified (GM) mustard in India, scientists and activists have rightly concentrated on the problems of the variety as well as the neglect of biosafety protocols.

Shortage of Funds in Critical Areas

While the finance minister took care to express the commitment of his government to poor and vulnerable people while presenting the Union Budget for 2016–17, this stated commitment has not been backed by adequate increases in allocations to areas of critical interest to the poor.

No Transparency in Union Budget

The least that one can expect from a transparent democracy is clarity about the facts of fundamental issues.

Turmoil in Social Sector

Those familiar with the functioning of various ministries in India dealing with priority social sectors (such as health, nutrition, women and child development, education, panchayat) have been painfully aware in recent times that there has been great uncertainty regarding the availability of adeq

Nutrition Programmes Face Fund Crunch

At a time, when there is widespread concern about the very high levels of child malnutrition in India, important nutrition programmes may be badly threatened due to budget cuts.

Helping Sahariya Tribals

Sahariya tribals living in Shahabad and Kishanganj tehsils (Baran District) of Rajasthan have a long history of many-sided exploitation and deprivation.

Climate Change and Justice

It is by now quite clear from the available scientific evidence that climate change, in combination with some other ecological changes, is likely to have very catastrophic consequences for human life as well as other life forms within a few decades.

New Internationalism

Resisting injustice and inequality has always been the most important task. In addition, in recent times, threats have appeared to life-sustaining conditions on earth which demand the most urgent attention.

Campaign against Weapons

Recently (in July 2015), over 1,000scientists, intellectuals and experts signed an open letter asking for a ban on autonomous weapons and artificial intelligence (AI) weapons.

Rehabilitate the Innocent

Investigation of all crimes, particularly those involving national security ­issues, should be efficient and painstaking in order to apprehend the guilty and minimise the possibilities of innocent persons being implicated. Unfortunately many innocent persons are frequently implicated in India.

Gandhian Non-violence and Capital Punishment

In the important debate on Gandhiji’s efforts to save the lives of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, various opinions have been articulated.


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