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Limits of Consensus Politics

Punjab and Kashmir are, of course, problems inherited by the National Front government. But how depressing is the sight of the government trying to deal with them with inherited means and ideas.

South Asian Interactions

and this was borne out by the fact that the growth rate in national income actually declined during this period. Similarly, the impact on savings rate of the measures taken during the emergency such as freeze on wages, dividends and compulsory deposits is not clearly brought out in the analysis of the high savings phase. Lastly, while dealing with the key issues in the emerging savings scenario no mention is made of the liberalisation process and its likely impact; nor is there any suggestion to link up formal and informal financial sectors to bring in unrecorded savings.

Supping with Neighbours

Supping with Neighbours Bhabani Sen Gupta Unless South Asia resolves its regional conflicts and gets down to work together for mutual and collective development, the economy of this region will remain isolated from the global process of integration. The lead must come from India because of its size and status.

Punjab Fading of Sikh Diaspora

particular state, small ethnic groups exist next to the dominant group, they too must have a place in the sun; they could be barely six hundred thousand, as in the hills of Darjeeling, or four million, as with the Bodos in Assam, they must nonetheless be assured of their full democratic rights within the portals of the union of India. How do such nice sentiments go with the assertion that we hold on to Kashmir at whatever cost, period, the wishes and predilections of the people of the valley do not matter?

Delhi versus Bharat

Delhi versus Bharat Bhabani Sen Gupta United, the opposition has thrown the Congress(I) on the defensive. It is a role that just does not suit the party. It can never act or behave like the underdog. There is a yawning gap between Rajiv Gandhi and the "My-heart-beats-for-India" ads that grate the eyes and minds of millions of newspaper readers every morning.

The Sails Have but Poor Winds

The Sails Have but Poor Winds Bhabani Sen Gupta The political-tactical line of Rajiv Gandhi, who is going backward in search of his political future, is that driven to a deep sense of insecurity, the Muslims will fall back on supporting the Congress(I), while the Hindus will vote for the party because of its unmistakable sympathy for Hindutva. The strategy can, of course, misfire completely.

Thrust into the Storm

Thrust into the Storm After the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections a big change came over the political scene in Delhi as well as in the country. In the camp of the ruling party anxiety was heaped on anxiety about who would be in and who would be out. On the opposition the stunning suddenness of the election day announcement had an opposite effect: a thin air of sobriety descended on the non-Congress camp.

Ice on Summer Seas

Ice on Summer Seas Bhabani Sen Gupta Deprived of a wave, denied a leadership shine, unable to fire the imagination of the poor masses with anything more than gimmicks and rhetoric, the ruling leadership is determined to stoop to anything in order to win the election.

Laying Out of a Rose Garden

Laying Out of a Rose Garden LANGUAGE speaks the political man. Face to face with the national election, prime minister Rajiv Gandhi has found a new language which now speaks him rather than he speaks it. On August 7, he treated the Lok Sabha to a fascinating taste of the new language of electoral politics. The occasion was the introduction of the urban bodies bill, the supplement of the panchayat bill both of which the prime minister determined to pilot himself. He did not speak extern pore. Nor from notes. He read a written statement. It is known that the 'speeches' of the prime minister are composed with great care by members of his staff. He himself goes over different versions drafted by different people The final draft is written under his personal vigil Rajiv Gandhi rehearses the important 'speeches' he delivers.

Flexible Power-People Equation

Flexible Power-People Equation Bhabani Sen Gupta India comes at the head of third world developing countries where the cleavage between power and people has not so far turned into direct, frontal confrontation. There is no shortage of conflict in India, and the incidence of conflict will increase rather than decrease in the years to come. However, conflict in India is socialised and defused at the same time.

It s Political War Nothing Less

The coming general election promises to be the dirtiest in the forty-year history of our democracy With all that, the election will probably produce a weaker prime minister who will not find it easy to be effective master of his own party and acknowledged leader of the nation.


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