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LAOS- Growing Discontent and Resistance

to finance military hardware from social programme, the Republicans split over needy constituencies back home and their vision that Armageddon faces America and the nation must fight for its life at any social cost. Undoubtedly, then, there will be some stiff negotiating, and the military appropriation could be shaved a billion or two. But if Congress baulks at further welfare cuts, the President will simply try again to cut them in the future. The Budget Director. David Stockman, has told the House Budget Committee that, as yet there has been "no final vote'', and the Administration and Congress are going "to have to go at it again and again and again", And most observers believe him.

BURMA-Insurgencies among Mons and Karens

BURMA Insurgencies among Mons and Karens Bertil Lintner FOR more than thirty years, a civil war has been raging in Burma, not less bloody and dramatic than the one in Kampuchea, but virtually forgotien by the outside world. The Karen, the Mon, the Kachin, the Shan, the Aia- kan and other national minorities are fighting for their independence against the Central government in Rangoon. It is a positional war which so far has seen no losers and no winner.-; and the stalemate is likely to continue for many more years.

THAILAND-Exodus from the Jungle

Exodus from the Jungle Bertil Lintner WHEN the well-known Thai author and former legislator, Udorn Thongnoi, surrendered to the police on December 18 last year after four years with the communist guerillas on the Phuphan mountain range in the North-East, the news did not reach the headlines of the Thai Press, He was only the last of many intellectuals who have recently defected from the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT) and returned from the jungle.

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