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What Is Maoism?

What is Maoism? What of its origins and development? What went before its advent? What are its flaws? Where is it going? Where should it be going, given its legacy? The questions are of great import, for Maoism has given birth to a movement which has taken root in India, survived for more than four decades in the country, and the State has now unleashed a massive counter-insurgency operation to crush it. This essay attempts a stepwise approach to finding first answers to the questions - What is Marxism? What is Leninism? What is Stalinism? - and thereby aims to understand what Maoism is all about.

Quintessential Intellectual-Activist

K Balagopal's role as a civil liberties and democratic rights activist had two phases - the first, when the opening sentence of the Communist Manifesto and Marx's last thesis on Feuerbach guided his life's activity, and the second, when, even as he gave up on these precepts, he continued in the tradition of practical humanism.

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