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Articles By Bernard D Mello

Did Lenin and Mao Forsake Marx?

The author disagrees with some of the criticisms of his essay "What Is Maoism?" by Paresh Chattopadhyay related to ways of interpreting the Marxist classics and particular interpretations of Marx and Engels. He then deals with PC's pronouncements that Lenin misinterpreted Marx on socialism and was responsible for the degeneration of the Russian Revolution. He also deals with PC's theses that Mao was an ideological Stalinist, and that Cultural Revolution is alien to Marx's thought.

Mumbai's Rebels: Those Who Couldn't Remain Unmoved

The risks of a militant struggle for an alternative path of development that is radically different from the one followed by India's ruling classes seem to most dissidents far too dangerous. Yet there are some who stand firm in their conviction: what should be, can be. An outline of a few of Mumbai's rebels who chose this arduous path