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Dichotomy or Continuum

Spatial dimension of development continues to be a neglected area in economic analysis. As a consequence, the traditional models of development fail to explain the growing imbalance in space as also the widening gaps in levels of socio-economic development between the city and its periphery. The objective of the present paper is to analyse if indeed the distance of a village from the nearest town has a systematic impact on its socio-economic characteristics.The distributional pattern of the indicators of economic well-being, health, education, etc, shows that their values do not necessarily decline along smooth gradients, as we move from the city/town to its periphery.

Rural-Urban Disparities

This paper is based on the most recent primary household level data obtained from a survey on income, expenditure, poverty measures for 1994-95 and human development indicators for 1996 in rural and urban India as a part of the project Micro Impact of Macro and Adjustment Policies (MIMAP). Empirical results show wide disparities in levels of living in terms of economic and social indicators in rural and urban India. The comparison of the distribution with a similar survey conducted in 1975-76 shows the changes in the pattern of income distribution and the gap between the shares of income in rural and urban areas during the last two decades.

Industrial Statistics in India-Sources, Limitations and Data Gaps

Sources, Limitations and Data Gaps Basanta K Pradhan M K Saluja The authors discuss here the different sources of industrial statistics in India, their limitations and methods of filling the data gaps. The sources of data for the organised and unorganised sectors of manufacturing industry are discussed in Section II, Section III reviews the sources for large and small industries defined in terms of capital employed in plant and machinery and Section IV covers data sources for mining.

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