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Geopolitics and Regional Identity: South Asia's North-West Frontiers

Kashmir and Sindh – NationBuilding, Ethnicity and Regional Politics in South Asia by Suranjan Das; Department of History Monograph, University of Calcutta and K P Bagchi and Co, Kolkata, 2001; Rs 380.

War and Diplomacy in Kashmir, 1947-48 by C Dasgupta; Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2002; paperback, Rs 250.

West Bengal A Geographical Introduction

Barun De In this geographical survey of West Bengal the author examines in particular the states physiography, its climate and drainage and its soil types and mineral resources.

Political Economy of Penetration of Colonialism-into Indian Hinterlands

Political Economy of Penetration of Colonialism into Indian Hinterlands IN the last few decades there has been a welcome movement away in Indian historiography from the rather positivist abstractions of purist economic history to the study of political regions in either a total sense or from the once-orthodox outlook of interpersonal discourse or interest-group lobbying in the determination of state policy. Locales, outlooks, and people are coming back centre-stage, in place of merely abstractions about economic structure or general ideas and abstract ideology. In this trend, it is useful to find books presenting a corpus of hard data on particular regions or people from the comparative and contrasting analysis of which, more general postulates about the total history of the region can be drawn.

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