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Washington, Delhi, and the Sikhs-Adventures in Wonderland

effects on the tribals of the Chotta Nagpur plateau over the past century. The destruction of a traditional culture, the breakdown of social tics of co-operation with no alternative set of values except that of the market, have had the effect of marginalising, dehumanising and demoralising simple com- munities. But these are the effects of an economy controlled by and based on the principle of profit; they are the effects of the policy of 'developmem' pursued by the present ruling classes, When development is oriented towards the enrichment and enhancement of contractors, traders, industrialists and their likes it can only be at the cost of the lives and conditions of the masses, whether in their own environment or in another. And the impact of these developmental policies is already being felt even in the forest environment. The tribals have already become victims of the 'development policies' of the government.

Scheduled Caste Voters New Data, New Questions

Studies of voting behaviour of scheduled caste voters often arrive at different, even contradictory conclusions, though they generally agree that 'bloc voting' is a feature of scheduled caste voting behaviour. These studies rely for the most part on three sources of data to cross-check casual observations: studies of particular scheduled caste communities sample surveys; and studies of differences in election results between reserved and non-reserved constituencies.

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