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Labour Management Relations in Banking Industry

Banking Industry Baldev R Sharma Knowledge gained through studies of industrial relations in situations where relations between employers and employees are under stress are unlikely to provide an adequate basis for building a healthy and harmonious climate of employer-employee relations. The knowledge and insights required for the latter task can result only from studies of organisations in the course of their normal day-today functioning.

Selection for Central Services

Selection for Central Services Baldev R Sharma IN its meeting held at New Delhi on October 30, 197ft, the Union Cabinet decided to remove the language curbs hitherto in force for Central examinations. The new selection policy for Central services, according to the press reports, lays down that (a) the civil services will henceforth have a preliminary qualifying examination; (b) only those qualifying in the preliminary examination will appear at the main examination; and (c) candidates appearing in the main examination will be free to answer their question papers (except for the English and the language papers) in English or any other language listed in the Eighth Schedule.

Union Involvement Revisited

Baldev R Sharma The Indian industrial worker seems convinced that he needs a union. At the same time, he is not willing to put in the necessary effort to build a viable union movement nor even a stable plant union- Despite low union participation, however, the workers' occupational interests appear to be taken care of. This is made possible by the availability of outside professionals and national parties that are always ready. to 'step in and carry out all the necessary work connected with formation and running of unions. This arrangement apparently suits the worker for, besides saving him time and effort, it minimises the risk of victimisation at the hands of employers.

Professionals in the Making Their Social Origin

This paper analyses data on the socio-economic background of students in colleges and institutions of professional training covering the following professions: architecture, engineering, law, management, medicine and social work.

Strategy for Family Planning Programmes in the Industrial Sector

in the Industrial Sector C N S Nambudiri Baldev R Sharma Using concepts of management of the business world, this paper attempts an analysis and appraisal of the existing situation in the field of family planning in the industrial sector. It then goes on to propose an action programme.

The Indian Industrial Worker-His Origin, Experience and Destiny

His Origin, Experience and Destiny Baldev R Sharma This paper presents some research findings on the background, experience and aspirations of the Indian industrial worker and discusses their implications for the climate of industrial relations in the country today. It goes on the hypothesis that a given state of industrial relations, whether at the plant or the national level, is the end product of a multiplicity of interacting forces which include, among others, economic considerations, political processes, legal framework, technologist environment, socio-cultural factors, and psychological forces.

Industrial Relations in the Public Sector-A Critique of the National Seminars

Menon twice. Nor does any large-scale defection from the DMK's legislators seem likely. Even though a mid-term poll is widely talked of, it seems quite unlikely at the present moment. After Dindigul, Indira Gandhi will be the last person to force the pace.

What Makes a Manager

or Money ?
Baldev R Sharma This article examines the process of admission of students to the two-year post-graduate programme at one of the institutes of management. Utilising the admission data for the last five years, a number of findings emerge.

Occupational Values and Business

Occupational Values and Business Baldev R Sharma While cultural gods and institutionalised norms are the two acknowledged basic elements in any social system, they do not seem sufficient to explain the choice of a particular profession by any group in a society.

The Industrial Worker-Some Myths and Realities

The Industrial Worker Some Myths and Realities Baldev R Sharma This paper seeks to examine the following widely-held beliefs about the industrial worker in India:

The Blue-Collar Worker-A Sociological Analysis

A Sociological Analysis Baldev R Sharma This paper examines the hypothesis that workers with an urban background are more highly committed to industrial work than those with a rural background. On the basis of a case study of workers in an automobile plant in Bombay, the author finds that this hypothesis, accepted for long by anthropologists among others, is not correct.

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