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Her Solution

eleven houses, and they were all of the Kondh tribe. The police came on a Thursday

Between Rationality and Value Judgments Those Non-Free-riders of Taxi-cabs

On the basis of the phasing of capital expenditures to be incurred on projects sanctioned assistance by the term lending institutions up to the end of 1983, the investment in the private corporate sector in 1984 is estimated to be around Rs 1,685 crore.To this, about Rs 750 to Rs 800 crore may be added as the likely investment in projects to be sanctioned during 1984 itself. (In the total investment in 1983, around Rs 763 crore came from projects sanctioned in 1983 itself.) Another Rs 400 crore of investment could be estimated to be financed under the bill rediscounting scheme of the IDBI. Thus the total investment in the private corporate sector jean be expected to be in the range of Rs 2.835 crore to Rs 2,885 crore in 1984, as against Rs 2,630 crore in 1983. In other words, the investment in the corporate sector is likely to show an increase of 8 to 10 per cent in nominal terms in
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