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Operation Flood: Reviving Debates

The EPW has long been a forum for debate on various controversial programmes and developments within India.

Cooperatives in Maharashtra: Challenges Ahead

As the leading state in the field, Maharashtra has witnessed the rise and stagnation of cooperatives and gathered much experience on the way. The state administration must now learn to be a facilitator rather than a controller.

Milkman of India

Milkman of India I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien; as told to Gouri Salvi; Roli Books, Delhi, 2005;
B S BAVISKAR Just as Amul and Mother Dairy have become household names all over India, the creator of these brands Verghese Kurien has also gained popularity. While he is now acclaimed as the

Development and Controversy-National Dairy Development Board

National Dairy Development Board B S Baviskar Shanti George This paper analyses how the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), which designs and implements Operation Flood, reacted to the controversy it aroused. The focus is on aspects of the controversy that are of developmental interest IF developmental programmes are intended to renew and invigorate the body politic, controversy can play the role of adrenalin by stimulating, speeding up and intensifying these processes.

Why Do Some Co-operatives Work But Not Others- A Comparative Analysis of Sugar Co-operatives in India

The co-operative sugar factories of western India (in Maharashtra state) are remarkably successful examples of local development initiative. This paper presents a comparative sociological analysis of these co-operatives in order to pinpoint the organisational factors which are crucial for their success. Comparative analysis of privately- owned sugar factories in India reveals a basic weakness in the cane supply relationship between the private factories and the surgarcane growers

Operation Flood A Different View

Operation Flood: A Different View B S Baviskar Shanti George WE welcome K T Achaya and Vinod K Huria's article "Rural Poverty and Operation Flood" (EPW, September 13). Since the third phase of Operation Flood has been recently inaugurated and aid for this phase is being negotiated with international agencies, the article is well timed to generate discussion of the various issues involved in the world's largest, most ambitious, and most controversial dairy development programme. What Achaya and Huria have to say on the subject is of special interest since they are the authors of an earlier article on the subject (EPW. November 8, 1980), an article notable for its wide range and stimulus to thought.

Co-operatives in Anthropological Perspective-Report of a Symposium on Co-operatives and Rural Development

Co-operatives in Anthropological Perspective Report of a Symposium on Co-operatives and Rural Development D W Attnood B S Baviskar Shanti George AN international symposium on 'Cooperatives and Rural Development' was held last August near Montreal, Canada, in conjunction with the Xlth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. This symposium was sponsored by the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa, the Canadian International Development Agency, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Xlth ICAES, and McGill University. The symposium lasted for three days and was followed, two days later, by a reporting session at the main ICAES meetings in Quebec city.

Operation Flood and Social Science-Research

39 ADB. Quartery Review, April-
40 These exclude grants for regional activities amounting to US $ 15.1 million during the, 1968-82 period.
41 For similar criticisms of the ADB's patterns of loans, see S K Roxas, "The Search for New Modules of Growth Projects'', Asian Finance, Volume 2, No 6, September-October 1976, pp 51C- 51D. and Far Eastern Economic Review, April 22, 1977, p 53 and

Operation Flood and Social Science

Operation Flood and Social Science Research B S Baviskar IT was interesting to see the letters by V Kurien and Raymond Crotty in the same issue (EPW, April 2). Both of them arc important figures in the field of dairy development The contributions and achievements of Kurien are well known the world over. As former General Manager of the Amul Dairy and present Chairman of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and the Indian Dairy Corporation (IDC), he is the main architect of India's dairy policy and programmes. It is largely because of his leadership that the Amul Dairy and the NDDB are recognised for their efficiency, professionalism, and lack of blatent corruption

Obsession with Class Politics

Given thai the maximum eigenvalue . is less than unity (for the viability of the system) the von Neumanm-Leontief balanced growth rate g is derived from . as Per (7), and the corresponding eigen vector gives the relative proportions of outputs. Now, what about the Standard commodity of Sraffa?

Village Politics

February 28, 1981 religious movement or was it a politick movement. It is against problems such as this that one has to evaluate the contribution made by Dandekar. Dandekar has always stood in the forefront of the few intellectuals in this country who have called the bluff of the vested socio-economic interests fighting their cause in the garb of religion, as in the case of the anti-cow daughter campaign.


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