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Caste and Labour Market

This paper estimates the extent of discrimination in employment, occupation and wages against the Scheduled Castes and its impact on poverty in urban regular salaried labour market in recent years. Discrimination in employment and wages is found to be very high in private sector and lesser in public sector. Discrimination in employment and wages leads to reduced wage income which enhances poverty of the discriminated group. The finding calls for policy reform in both private and public sectors to ensure non-discriminatory access to SCs in employment and wages.



Credibility of Equal Access to Credit: Does Gender Matter?

This article examines the National Sample Survey Organisation unit record data pertaining to debt and investment (59th round) and highlights inequality in access to credit by certain segments of society. In particular, it shows that weaker sections such as female-headed households have a much lower access than their male counterpart even when they are involved in similar economic activities and consequently face significantly higher rates of interest.

Development and Deprivation in Karnataka-A District-Level Study

Applying human development index to districts of Karnataka, certain features of development in the state stand out In spite of the variety of HDIs, the ranking among districts is more or less stable. But there is a high range of variation within the state reflecting large intrastate disparity in development. This suggests that sustained political support to an across-the-board improvement in each district is essential if the HDI is to show improvement.

Growth, Variability, and Instability of Three Major Cereal Crops in Karnataka-A District Level Analysis from 1955-56 to 1989-90

Three Major Cereal Crops in Karnataka A District Level Analysis from 1955-56 to 1989-90 B P Vani Vinod Vyasulu The article analyses the growth, variability and instability of three cereal crops, viz, rice, ragi and jowar, in Karnataka with reference to the following questions: What has been the performance of different districts with respect to area, production and yields of these three crops? Has the trend in their production decelerated in 1980s? Has the green revolution brought variability and instability in their yields?

Structure of Employment as Seen from 1981 and 1991 Censuses-A Preliminary Look

Data on the occupational structure of the population, on the single digit category, have just been released from the 1991 Census. In this paper, an attempt is made to examine the changes in employment at the single digit level between 1981 and 1991 Censuses, for all India and for Karnataka and West Bengal.

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