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Is Import Liberalisation Hurting Domestic Industry and Employment?

Theory says that freer trade encourages economic activity and hence raises production and employment. Is this true in the Indian case? This article examines statistical evidence to answer this question. It finds that since liberalisation, trade has shrunk India's manufacturing base both in terms of value addition and employment. The intermediate and capital goods industries have suffered more. Manufacturing is also shifting from high-skilled and capital intensive production to low-skilled and labour intensive production. Existing wage disparity between skilled and unskilled workers has worsened.

Maharashtras Agricultural Development-A Blueprint

A Blueprint S Mahendra Dev B L Mungekar This paper describes the agricultural scenario in Maharashtra and outlines the major interventions required to increase agricultural production in the state. The blueprint includes improved irrigation and water and soil conservation; reduction in subsidies; an increase in the role of the private sector, especially in horticulture and food processing; and greater concentration on agricultural research and extension.

Inter-Sectoral Terms of Trade-Issues of Concept and Method

Issues of Concept and Method B L Mungekar The subject of terms of trade between agriculture and industry assumes great significance in the context of economic development because it is directly related to some of the most basic aspects of a developing economy, like distribution of income between two sectors accumulation of wealth and rate of growth of the economy. The estimation of inter-sectoral terms of trade has been fiercely debated in Indian academic circles for the past two decades.

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