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Can the Market Do It-Economic Reform in an Uncertain World

Economic Reform in an Uncertain World B Gopalakrishna Kumar Both supporters and critics of the liberalisation policies of the eigh ties agree thai these occurred against a background of large macro-economic imbalances: a huge foreign debt liability, a barely sustainable balance of payments situation and growing fiscal deficits Although the threat of a default on loan obligations has now receded, short-term breathing space is still being provided by disbursements from the IMF on fulfilling various performance criteria laid down by the Fund.

Constraints on Economic Policy-Price of Profligacy

Constraints on Economic Policy Price of Profligacy B Gopalakrishna Kumar While the short-term economic problems may at first sight look daunting, they are tractable compared to the longer-term questions which will essentially determine the possibilities of development in the nineties and beyond.

Consumption Disparities, Food Surpluses and Effective Demand Failures-Reflections on Macroeconomics of Drought Vulnerability

Consumption Disparities, Food Surpluses and Effective Demand Failures Reflections on Macroeconomics of Drought Vulnerability B Gopalakrishna Kumar Beginning with the issue of increasing vulnerability to drought in India, this paper attempts to inquire into the underlying reasons for this trend. The following crucial elements of an explanation are identified: (1) evidence of low consumption levels, (2) signs of an accentuation of inter-regional inequalities and particularly disparities in agricultural incomes, and (3) increases in the overall savings rate and changes in the composition of savings and asset holdings in rural areas.

Transformation and Travail in Chinese Society

Transforming China's Economy in the Eighties (Volume I: The Rural Sector, Welfare and Employment; Volume II: Manpower, Industry and the Urban Economy) edited by Stephan Feuchtwang, Athar Hussian and Thierry Pairault; Zed Books, London, and Oxford University Press, India, 1988; Rs 325 (set of two volumes).

Tiananmen and the Uncertain Legacy of Reform

Legacy of Reform B Gopalakrishna Kumar Events of the past few weeks have shown that despite the glib talk of reform, the Chinese political system remains an odd mixture of discredited autocrats and confused modernises, incapable of any but the crassest response to a genuine challenge to its authority The ultimate tragedy in the events of June 4 and thereafter may therefore be to preserve the notion

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