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Nationalisation of the Sugar Industry-An Economic Perspective

December 2, 1972 shall cite only one additional example. In December 1971 Ceylon was in the throes of an extremely. severe foreign exchange crisis: its reserves had dwindled to insignificance, the country was finding it difficult to meet its short-term obligations to foreign banks and the prospects of obtaining substantial aid in the near future were very uncertain. So as to take account of this situation, the Ceylonese Ministry of Industries classified industries into four categories for the purpose of allocating foreign exchange for imports of raw materials, components and spares in 1972: "vital", "essential", "semi-essential" and "nonessential''. But after all the criteria had been taken into account (whether the industry was an important supplier of materials to other industries, whether it was a large employer of labour whether it was providing an item of mass con sumption, etc.), "non-essential" categories whose allocations could be cut most severely bad in fact shrunk to industries accounting for only 1.8 per cent of total industrial output while "semi-essential" industries accounted only for another 3.0 per cent. Howsoever drastic the reductions in the allocations of exchange to these industries might have been, they could not have released much for the "vital'' and "essential" industries.

Television in India- What Role in Economic Development

What Role in Economic Development? B D Dhawan While television has been introduced in India, some very pertinent questions, which should have been seriously raised earlier, have stilt not received adequate attention. Does India really need a television service at the present juncture of its development? What is to be the role of television in meeting the mass communication and educational needs of the country? Can these needs not be met by the existing media ?

Comparative Advantage of UP in Sugarcane

B D Dhawan The Sen Commission's pioneering attempt to estimate the comparative inter-State advantages in growing sugarcane as compared to other competing crops could be improved upon.

Cost of Tax Collection in India-A Comment

Voters are equally influenced and guided by ideology, though in India, the appeal of ideology is at present confined to various pockets of influence of the Communists and the Jan Sangh. More important than the public pronouncements and postures of the parties are their 'real power bases'. This paper was an attempt to unmask the 'hidden hands', that operate party organisations and the 'interests' represented by them, Without such an attempt, understanding of the political parties would remain incomplete.

Criss - Cross on Irrigation

B D Dhawan The Economics of Irrigation, by Colin Clark; Pergamon Press, Oxford, THIS book is likely to receive wide notice, not because it is addressed to a rather wide range of audience, nor because Indian agriculture's vulnerability to the vagaries of monsoons has been re-emphasised by the two recent consecutive droughts, but because the author writes in a challenging vein.

The Traditional versus the Modern-Case of Indian Sugar Industry

Case of Indian Sugar Industry B D Dhawan Transition from the traditional to the modern arts of production demands a hard choice. In certain cases, the conflict of interests is illusory; simple economic criteria, applied in a comprehensive manner, are adequate to resolve the conflict.


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