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State Electoral Politics

Electoral patterns across India have shown an extreme fluidity in the nature of electoral permutations and combinations that come to assume power at the central or state levels. Despite the region specific nature of electoral politics and the emergence of distinct identities, however, emerging trends in Indian politics reveal certain commonalities across the country.

Exploring Democracy

Exploring Democracy Democracy in India edited by Niraja Gopal Jayal; Oxford University Press, New Delhi, ASHUTOSH KUMAR The last decade while marking 2500 years of advent of democracy in the Greek City states has been a witness to the arrival of the

Prefiguring Postcolonial Democracies

Democracy in India e dited by Niraja Gopal Jayal; Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2001; pp 571, Rs 750

Punjab : Assembly Elections-Decline of Identity Politics

With a new generation that has grown up in the post-militancy period, Gurdwara politics has little appeal and voters have tended to vote for a party that is expected to be most likely to maintain peace in the state, the Congress. While the BJP's traditional vote bank of upper caste Hindus has been eroded to the advantage of the Congress, the SAD has lost some of its support among the non-jat, especially OBC, Sikhs.

Globalisation and After

India – Globalisation and Change by Pamela Shurmer-Smith; Arnold, London, copublished by Oxford University Press, New York, 2000; pp 209.


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