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'The Heart Has Its Reasons'

This is the first in a series of articles that will be published over the next 12 months to mark the 50th anniversary of the Economic & Political Weekly. A prolific writer in English and Bengali, 88-year-old Ashok Mitra is former finance minister of West Bengal, and a former trustee of the Sameeksha Trust, which brings out the EPW. His reminiscences about Sachin Chaudhuri, founder of the Economic Weekly which preceded the EPW, include famous personalities from different walks of life--politicians, academics, journalists, novelists and film personalities.

Vinoo Bhatt

My grateful thanks to S L Shetty for his very detailed and most understanding review ("Remembering V V Bhatt," EPW, 6 June 2015) of my dear departed friend V V Bhatt's contributions in different spheres of development economics and particularly his pioneering work relating to the country's post-...

That Diminutive Man, What Intellectual Prowess

The memory tends to be a bit blurred. It was some time in the mid-1960s, Manik, the niece of a very close and respected friend, introduced me to a research scholar at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), Govind Deshpande. Manik, whose formal name was Kalindi, and Govind soon got married. As...

Soul of the Game

The Cambridge Companion to Cricket edited by Anthony Bateman and Jeffrey Hill (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 2011; pp xxvi + 282, Rs 399 (PB).

Revisiting a Savant's Thoughts

The Indian Economy: Problems and Prospects - Selected Writings of D R Gadgil edited by Sulabha Brahme (New Delhi: Oxford University Press), 2011; pp xlx + 433, Rs 1,150.

Delink Entitlements

We the undersigned economists do not consider the official national poverty lines set by the Planning Commission, at Rs 32 and Rs 26 per capita per day for urban and rural areas, respectively, to be acceptable benchmarks to measure the extent of poverty in India. In any case, irrespective of the...

B K Keayla

It is from Amit Sen Gupta’s note, “B K Keayla: A Personal Reminiscence” (EPW,18 December 2010) that I received the sad tidings of B K Keayla’s passing. I endorse every word of Sen Gupta’s tribute. Keayla was a gem of a patriot; patriots unfortunately are a suspect category in a regime which has...

Bent on Optimising the Benefits of the Raj

 legal codification, hence, according to Cederlof, was assembled at the intersection of

Sixty Years Ago

This article was published in EPW on 9 January 1999, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the launch of Economic Weekly. Given the content, that article, titled "Fifty Years Ago", is reprinted here almost entirely in full.

Mudigonda Police Killings

Letters Social Viciousness M any of us have been scandalised by recent events in Hyderabad. The physical assault on Taslima Nasreen was entirely uncalled for. The increase in the number of violent incidents of this kind indicates that the rule of law is ceasing to exist in this country. Any group...

Release Binayak Sen, Repeal Chhattisgarh Act

We, the undersigned, are dismayed at the continued detention of Binayak Sen, general secretary of the Chhattisgarh People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), since May 14. Binayak Sen is also national vice-president of PUCL, one of the oldest civil liberties organisations in India. Dr Sen...


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