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Popper s Unacknowledged Debt to Engels

Ashish Lahiri SIR KARL RAIMUND POPPER (1902-94) is justly regarded as a key figure in the field of philosophy of scienceMarxists, however, are understandably allergic to Popper, because according to his criteria for demarcating science from metaphysics and pseudo-science, Marxism is as much a pseudo-science as Freudian psychoanalysis or Adlerian 'individual psychology ', Yet Marxists cannot deny the fact that many working scientists do find in Popper a fairly acceptable account of the way science is done in practice. This often lands them in a peculiar dilemma, because Marxists claim that their philosophy is not only based on the scientific method but that it is in total conformity with the 'progress' of natural science.
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