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Subarnarekha Project-Singhbhum s Sorrow

if the Jaw takes into consideration the special circumstances of women's lives in which they are denied access to education, economic independence, etc. For instance women's reproductive roles as it is defined today proves to be a handicap when legitimately claiming their right to work and economic participation. Therefore, by stressing the differences in the conditions of men and women, feminists have asked for special concessions so as to make equality a reality. However, claims for special treatment also have their own limitations as they can inadvertently force women into clearly demarcated areas defined as feminine without changing the gender ideology [Cossman

Patalganga River Fighting for Life

Ashish Chadha Patalganga a short river which meanders through many villages near Bombay providing drinking and irrigation water and a livelihood to fisherfolk is rapidly being polluted by the rampant growth of industries.
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