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Consumer Demographics

The Census 2001 has been able to capture valuable information about household and other assets that reveals the narrow base of the consumer market.

Census in Snowbound Areas

Census-taking in snowbound areas poses a tremendous challenge to the census authorities. It is indeed a formidable task, in particular in Ladhak district of Jammu and Kashmir, in Tawang and other such districts of Arunachal Pradesh and Lahul and Spiti, Kinnaur and several pockets of other districts which are snowbound in Himachal Pradesh.

Rajasthan : Stalling the March of Thar Desert

Ecological Task Forces of the Indian Army, which have made significant contributions to halting ecological degradations in several regions in the country were first set up in 1982. They probably represent the first such experiment anywhere in the world of the army taking up ecological work on a regular basis. A glimpse of the work of the Territorial Army's Eco Force in Rajasthan.

Migrant Women Workers

Throughout Asia women migrate to neighbouring countries for many reasons: women fleeing from the aggressive military in Myanmar to the border areas of Thailand and finally to Bangkok; women from rural areas of Thailand seeking Japan's �entertainment� industry; and women domestic workers from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines desperately seeking work in many countries recruited by unscrupulous agents who have complex and well-developed underground networks. There appears to be little that governments and multilateral agencies like ILO can do.

South-South Solidarity

Population and health, women's development policies, globalisation and the emerging world order and land reforms and poverty alleviation were the main themes of an impressive workshop on 'Partnership to Meet Development Challenges in South Asia' in Kathmandu in May this year.

Dreams, Dollars and Dot.Com

Immigrant success stories in the US are the stuff that dreams are made of, but there are stories too of crashes and poverty, crime and squalor. Yet the American dream still draws people; it still remains the land that lures people to join the elusive quest for happiness.

Zeroing in on Ground Zero

The terror attacks of September 11 left behind a shaky and suddenly insecure America, living in the constant fear of still more terror attacks. In New York, six months later, the scars still remain, eloquently symbolised by the gaping emptiness and rubble where the Twin Towers once stood, but there are also all too visible signs of recovery, of a coping born out of a city's shared sorrow.

Curbing Female Foeticide

The Supreme Court's tough stand on implementation of the Pre- Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act is unlikely to be effective in dealing with female foeticide given the indifference of governments, especially of the states with the worst records in this regard, and the silence of civil society.

Demographic Data

What has been done with the enormous amount of demographic data that have become available during the last decade? How many scholars have analysed the data and published research papers? How many in the government have used the data for policy-making? The answer to these questions are certain to be disappointing.

Fighting Female Foeticide

The recent census data reveal some apparently contradictory phenomena. For instance, in 1991, the overall sex ratio declined and so also the child sex ratio, while in 2001, the overall sex ratio increased but the child sex ratio declined. How is this to be explained?

Do Demographers Have a Future?

The future of demography lies in painting on a broader canvas and not just being content with the measurement of demographic change. A seminar on the future of demography pointed to the grave damage that overemphasis on containing high fertility has done to the growth of the discipline.


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