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Bombay Riots Second Phase

Asghar Ali Engineer Vicious and sustained communal propaganda by the Shiv Sena and its state of preparedness for violence, a communalised police force and internecine tensions within the state Congress(I) all contributed to the extensive nature of the violence in Bombay in January.

Bastion of Communal Amity Crumbles

Unplanned and rapid urban growth, the influx of a large workforce from diverse regions, the criminalisation of politics

Bombay Shames India

Bombay Shames India Asghar Ali Engineer Bombay was just limping back to normalcy after the widespread violence in the wake of the destruction of the Babri Masjid when fresh communal rioting erupted in the first week of this month. There were some significant differences between the two phases of violence. This report deals with the first phase.

Sitamarhi on Fire

Asghar Ali Engineer So thoroughgoing has been the communalisation of social and political life in India that even a chief minister who is avowedly secular and means business is unable to prevent communal riots. The Sitamarhi riots are evidence of this.

Communal Conflict after 1950-A Perspective

A Perspective Asghar Ali Engineer Competitive cofnmunalism has proved dangerous for the country and damaging to the minority community. Even when minority communalism is defensive it provides legitimacy for majority communalism which in turn strengthens the former creating a vicious circle.

Udaipur Mosques Invalid Claims

Asghar Ali Engineer The district court of Udaipur granted the Bohra high priest's plea for an injunction to take possession of all the Bohra mosques in Udaipur without examining all the evidence placed before it An overview of the claims made by the high priest in support of his contention.

Benaras Rocked by Communal Violence

Violence Asghar Ali Engineer THE BJP's claim that communal riots do not take place under its rule may have been true in one or two instances, specially when it had captured Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation but this claim has proved to be hollow since late 80s and early 90s. There have been quite a few riots in the BJP-ruled states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and now UP. It was under BJP rule that Jaipur and Jodhpur, cities which had a proud record of communal peace since 1947, experienced one of the worst communal holocausts in October 1990 after L K Advani was ar- rested in Bihar and his Rath Yatra was stopped. More than 100 people died in Jaipur alone Though the BJP government in UP keeps issuing advertisements to newspapers about the record of communal peace in UP under its rule, the Muslims there are living in terror and insecurity. The violent eruption of communal hatred in Benaras added to their woes and made them more insecure. S C Dixit of the VHP who contested the last Lok Sabha elections from Benaras on the BJP ticket employed communal rhetoric in his election campaign and made the atmosphere volatile. It did not take long for communal violence to erupt.

Genesis of Communal Violence

Asghar Ali Engineer THERE are social, political, economic, cultural and religious factors which account for the genesis of communalism and communal violence. It must, however, be remembered that communalism and communal violence are two distinct stages and that communalism may not necessarily lead to communal violence though it often does when some extremely provocative factors appear on the scene. The primary factor involved in the promotion of communalism is often religious or religio-cultural. Each religious group or community has certain prejudices against another religious group or community. Similarly, followers of one sect of a religious community entertain as strong prejudices against followers of another sect as against followers of another religion. But, the existence of religious prejudices is not, by itself, a sufficient condition for the emergence of communal violence, Communalism, however, provides a strong medium for communal violence.

Provocative and Subversive

task of enlightening the reader in two notoriously elusive concepts: development and communication. The contemporary literature on development communication reflects that the search for legitimacy is still on. The reason: while the contentions of the dominant paradigm have been proved unworkable in the third world contest, a viable alternative has not yet emerged. In spite of frequent and sustained efforts to reorient- conceptually and operationally

Communal Riots before, during and after Lok Sabha Elections

after Lok Sabha Elections Asghar Ali Engineer Whatever be the local reasons for the numerous communal riots which erupted around the time of the Lok Sabha elections, it is obvious that the Ramjanmabhoomi controversy and the manner in which it was used by certain political parties, especially the BJP, played a significant role.

Lok Sabha Elections and Communalisation of Politics

Communalisation of Politics Asghar Ali Engineer The blatant, and successful, use of communalism by the BJP in the 1991 elections has to be seen against the background of the use of the communal card by the Congress(I) leaders themselves for their survival in power.


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