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Understanding Islam

are. On the whole, this collection of essays is an important addition to the meagre literature on alternative paths to development. The author and the publishers deserve our thanks for bringing it out.

Communalism and Communal Violence in 1995

The year 1995 was not the worst in the recent past in regard to the communal situation, but neither was it free from communal violence. A report on the year's incidents.

Kashmir Autonomy Only Solution

THE Kashmir problem has caused so much bloodshed, yet there is no solution in sight. Punjab and Assam also saw long drawn struggles but now there is not much violence in these two states, although it is difficult to say that they are devoid of any problem. Bui in Kashmir violence still rages. Most of the Kashmiris I met claim that more than 40,000 people have died. The Charar-e- Sharief incident has further complicated the issue. Thus, the uppermost question is what could be done to resolve this tangle?

Bhagalpur Riot Inquiry Commission Report

Commission Report Asghar Ali Engineer IT would be no exaggeration to maintain that the Bhagalpur riot of October 1989 was one of the major riots of the post-independence India. More than 1,000 people perished and many more were permanently maimed. Property worth crores of rupees was destroyed and the riots left permanent scar on the minds of several thousands of people. Bhagalpur riots were a worst example of religious frenzy and communal madness. They also show how, for the sake of capturing votes, the communalists brought about extensive destruction and how entire secular political discourse was thoroughly communalised. No secular space was left for any kind of dialogue between the two major communities.

On Bombay

The controversial film 'Bombay is a curious mixture of realism and fantasy, although it does make an attempt to reduce the gulf between two communities.

Aligarh Riots Unplanned Outburst

Asghar Ali Engineer AFTER the comparative lull on the communal front a series of riots broke out recently. Moradabad in February witnessed a communal outburst claiming more than five lives. It was followed by Aligarh where eight people died in police firing and stabbings. Agra witnessed a riot even as Aligarh calmed down. In Hubli the Holi procession was stoned and violence erupted resulting in a few casualties.

Communalism and Communal Violence 1994

Violence 1994 Asghar Ali Engineer The communal climate was relatively peaceful in 1994, in part because the people of both communities have understood the designs of communalists. But the secular forces need to maintain constant vigilance to ensure continued harmony.

Bangalore Violence Linguistic or Communal

challenged in the short term considering the compulsions of the new economic order arid the pressures on a state such as Karnataka to continue to attract national and international capital. The arrogance of the English-speaking elites in such a situation is firmly rooted in the fact that they wield considerable economic and commercial, if not political power. The segmentation of the city has now become so 'natural' that the new corporate elites of Bangalore are able to continue, without embarrassment, to aggressively resurrect a colonial culture in their private architectural tastes and leisure activities, while the renaming of streets and public areas in other parts of the city continues apace. The fact that there is state support for the latter activity appears to make no difference to the development of a corporate, neo-colonial, culture.

Human Rights and Dawoodi Bohras

There is large-scale, infringement of civil liberties and human rights of the Bohra community at the hands of its priestly class. Although two human rights commissions have urged the government to intervene in the secular affairs of the community on behalf of ordinary Bohras, nothing has been done so far.

Communal Violence and Role of Police

The police together with other law enforcement machinery, such as the local administration and judiciary, play a crucial role in communal riots. Greater attention needs to be paid to their training and education so that they may act impartially, following the law of the land.

Status of Muslim Women

Status of Muslim Women Asghar Ali Engineer All religions have accorded women an inferior status and relegated them to a secondary position. This is true of Islam as well However, religion itself is the end-product of patriarchal society and unless these basic societal values change women will continue to suffer from a situation where religion and patriarchal society are in alliance.

Guilt of Partition

Guilt of Partition Asghar Ali Engineer Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the Creation of Pakistan by Sailesh Kumar Bandopadhaya; Sterling Publishers, 1991; pp 374, Rs 350.


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