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Between formal and substantive legitimacy

The simple majority or the First Past the Post system extant in India suffers from a number of flaws, even if some of them have been mitigated by the nature of political contestation and the social upsurge in the country. Primarily these flaws have to do with lack of substantive “representativeness”, possible issues with accountability among others. A proportional representation system with the provision of a single transferable vote could be a better alternative to the FPTP system. 

A New Deal for Citizenship

Arvind Sivaramakrishnan What's the Matter with Liberalism? by Ronald Beiner; University of California Press, Berkeley, 1992; viii + 197, US $ 30.

Democracy, on a Scale of 10

Democracy, on a Scale of 10 Arvind Sivaramakrishnan AXEL HADENIUS, of the department of government at the university of Uppsala, opens by saying that this book started as "a review of theories and empirical studies concerning the requisites of democracy in the third world" (p 1). He expresses an understandable dissatisfaction with the state of scholarship on the subject; different researchers have used different indices of democracy, and many studies have taken their data directly from the available data catalogues. One result is that researchers have taken the underlying criteria, the catalogues1 principles for the classification of the data, for granted, and have spent more time on strictly methodological issues such as survey techniques and the selection of indices. A second, and more important, result is that it is simply not clear what the information really means (pp 1 and 6).

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