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Indian Coastal Shipping

August 30, 1969 Number 11, March 16, 1968, pp 454-459. Also, Edward Mason: "Economic Development in India and Pakistan", Occasional Papers in International Affairs, Number 13, Cambridge, The Centre for International Affairs, Harvard University, 1966. T W Schultz: "Economic Crisis in World Agriculture", Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 1967. John W Mellor- "Functions of Agricultural Prices in Economic Development", Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume XXIII, Number 1, January- March, 1968. Also, Raj Krishna: "Agricultural Price Policy and Economic Development" in Agricultural Development and Economic Growth, Herman M Southworth and Bruce E Johnston (editors), Cornell University Press, Ithaca,

Tension-Free Indian Ocean-Implications for India

bonded labourers or as indebted persons. Why do we not make this fact explicit in our studies? It is also claimed that the process of Sanskritisation takes over the tribals when they corns into contact with the other citizens. However, it has been seen that one of the important consequences of Sanskri tisation in many backward areas has been to assign a very low social position at first to the tribals, calling them beefeaters, pig-keepers, non-bathers etc. It is the understanding of this larger aspect of the inclusion of the tribals into the pan-Indian society which alone is meaningful for any scientific analysis of our society.

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