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Electing Another People in Bihar

Bihar's voters have annulled the obituaries that political commentators had written about Laloo Prasad Yadav. They have done so for several good reasons.

Bihar : Torn Red Flag

The CPI(M) has forsaken its old allies, the CPI, the RSP and the Forward Bloc, and spurned the company of the CPI(ML-Liberation). Thus it is a torn Red Flag that has been raised as the standard of the Left in the election in Bihar.

Gentlemen and Officers

By adopting General Shankar Roy Chowdhury as its candidate for the Rajya Sabha, the Left Front thinks that it has staged a political coup, even if its cynical choice of candidate represents a symbolic concession to Bonapartism. Curiously, it appears quite unconcerned with the political orientation of the person whose candidature it is endorsing.

Deepening of Democracy

Why should there be so much fuss about the prospect of the coming elections not resulting in a parliamentary majority for any single party? Those who peddle the fears of instability and insecurity also undermine the very essence of democracy as it is evolving in India.

The Future Postponed

Whether there were machinations carried out by the 'foreign hand' or not, Jyoti Basu was not allowed to become prime minister. But what is intriguing is not the action of the Congress which was entirely in character, but that of what has been called the domesticated 'Left' in general and the Jenus-faced CPI(M) in particular.

Fun and Games for BJP

Even as storms gather around them, the ostriches in the BJP-led government bury their heads in the sands. Worse, they make clear their utterly cynical attitude towards governance.

India in the Image of Bihar

Arvind N Das The migration of students from Bihar in large numbers to Delhi's various academic and professional institutions is a subject for more than 'human interest' stories in newspapers. The political-economic impact of this brain drain on backward Bihar deserves serious attention.

Para-Democracy in Bihar

Arvind N Das THE ways in which the metropolitan unintelligentsia reacts to Bihar is distinctly odd, Il exhibits greater ignorance about Bihar than about Bosnia and relates to developments in the state as if they have taken place in some strange never, never land. Stereotyping has substituted for sensitivity and caricaturing has replaced understanding. It is no wonder, therefore, that Bihar mystifies economic analysts and political commentators alike.

Jharkhand Aborted Once Again

Arvind N Das WHATEVER happens to Laloo Prasad Yadav, it is clear that at least for the time being he has managed to subvert the formation of Jharkhand. The adivasis de- manding their home state will have to wait.

Brazil and India Comparing Notes on Liberalisation

For India, Brazil provides a case of the possibilities and pitfalls of globalising in haste and repenting at leisure. For Brazil which is just attempting to combine political democracy with economic restructuring, India may hold a lesson or two.

Revolutionary Movement in Bihar

Revolutionary Movement in Bihar ON reading any such horrific account of the discounting of the fundamental right of life in Bihar one wonders if the cold statistics of death reflect the contribution made by the state to the process or if they are merely confined to what are cynically known as 'private murders'. For, in Bihar, a large bulk of the figures of killings are the result of joint-sector activities of the state and the rural rich, out to annihilate those elements who want to change the putrid state of affairs. On the one side, depredations arc carried out by landowners' senas against agricultural labourers and sharecroppers, and on the other, the police and paramilitary forces of the state pillage and terrorise the rural poor. The gohar called by the landlords is accompanied by combing operations carried out by task forces. However, all the forces of decadent Bihar have not been able to exorcise the spectre that is haunting them


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