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Articles By Arup Maharatna

Development of What? On the Politics of Development Economics

It could possibly be sheer historical coincidence that development economics as a distinct branch of economics was born at a time when the cold war was blossoming. But the question as to what has subsequently happened to the fate of the sub-field along with the trajectory of the cold war - the great "intangible" battle fought mainly in the spheres of ideology, economics, politics and propaganda between the capitalist and socialist blocs - cannot be similarly left as a historic fluke. A detailed substantive academic attempt at examining/establishing the latter apprehension has so far remained suspended or sometimes just taken for granted in most retrospective accounts of development economics. This paper makes a systematic study of the issue and argues that the evolution of development economics has been heavily mediated by international politics and that development economics, as it exists in the post-cold war era, entails a great delusion in relation to its original purpose, promise and priorities.

How Can 'Beautiful' Be 'Backward'? Tribes of India in a Long-term Demographic Perspective

Although the demography of tribal people cannot loom large in India's overall demographic scene, demographic features in tribal societies have often been distinct and distinguished both in historical and comparative perspectives. This evaluation of the overall demographic features and their common sociocultural underpinnings in the tribal population focuses on the nature and strength of the well-known connection between sociocultural milieus and demographic behaviour. It highlights the Indian notion of "tribe" and its comparative position vis-à-vis the mainstream since the late last century, especially in the contemporary context of development and globalisation.