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Ideology and Politics of Jharkhand Movement-An Overview

While the Jharkhand movement has overcome some of its initial weaknesses and broadened its base to become more regional than ethnic, it still lacks an ideological bond. This has given rise to factionalism and to personalities taking precedence over collective interests.

Jharkhand Movement in West Bengal

The Jharkhand movement in West Bengal has not only inherited the organisational weakness which characterises its counterpart in Bihar, such as factional feuds and ideological confusions, but has peculiar problems such as the lack of a common language and the fact that tribals constitute a minority in all the three districts in the state.

Probing the Jharkhand Question

Arunabha Ghosh A close study of the nature and growth of the Jharkhand movement brings to light four basic issues which have been instrumental in mobilising the otherwise peace-loving tribal people of the region to raise their voice of protest against subordination and injustice

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