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Real Estate as Business

Real Estate as Business gave scope to operations by middlemen who went on to control the whole trade. Builders and brokers initially charged a fee of two to four per cent of the sale price of the broker and the builder, respectively; since activity was brisk, huge sums of money were made by the middlemen who graduated to owning and controlling large chunks of real estate themselves.

UNIVERSITIES-Sickness Incurable

NEVER before has any university been run literally from a police station as is currently happening in Delhi University whose teachers, under the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA), started an indefinite strike on October 12 for fulfilment of their long standing demands and in protest against the functioning of the university administration from a police, station. These developments are taking place at a time when government has on the anvil the Hospitals and Other lnstitutions Bill, 1982, which seeks to bun protests of various description in educational institutions.

SUGAR-Buffer Stock Another Burden on Consumer

Buffer Stock: Another Burden on Consumer ?
Arun Kumar ON July 26, Rao Birendra Singh, the Agriculture Ministry announced in parliament the much-awaited decision of The government regarding the creation of a buffer stock of sugar. The buffer stock is to be built out of the (vce sale quota and kept sequestered with the sugar mills, The mills would obtain for the purpose cent per cent credit from the banks. Further, they would be compensated for the cost of holding the stocks and interest actuals calculated at 19.3 per cent of the quarterly average of the tariff value. These costs in turn are to be provided for by raising the present level of cess on sugar from Rs 5 per quintal to Rs 15 per quintal of the sugar produced.

Sugar Policy Need for New Approach

Dual pricing in sugar and the minimum stipulated prices for cane, both work to the advantage of the sugar mills

Government Intervention in Foodgrains Markets

unreliable since it "could not guar- antee the supply of a specific quantity" (p 103). Further, "The quantity distributed showed variations depending on the availability of foodgrains" (p 106), Data are presented to confirm what has been guessed often by writers, viz, that the public distribution system is partial to the urban consumer.

Sugar Industry and Government Intervention

Sugar Industry and Government Intervention Arun Kumar This paper reviews the government regulation of the sugar industry since the sixties and the. associated fate of its cheaper substitutes


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