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Annals of the Literacy Programme-A Scenario from Rajasthan

Annals of the Literacy Programme A Scenario from Rajasthan Arun Ghosh A day spent in wandering around a small part of rural Rajasthan seeing how the literacy programme has been working was an education.

Indian Development Strategy-An Exchange of Views

Indian Development Strategy An Exchange of Views Arun Ghosh There is much cause for apprehension about the sequencing of many of the policy decisions taken in the last two-and-a-half months, To open up the Indian economy to external competition before removing the shackles on Indian industry is tragically misguided. It is difficult to see how, from a current account deficit of some $ 4 billion per annum, we can, in a matter of three years, move to a surplus of $ 3 billion per annum. By going in for a large 'structural adjustment' loan we are once again taking the 'soft' option of reliance on external finance.

The Budget and Its Relevance for Restructuring the Economy

'Restructuring the Economy' Arun Ghosh The greatest falling of the budget for 1991-92 is that there is no progress towards decentralisation. Together with the danger that in the totality of the revenue and expenditure proposals, we may not succeed in achieving the macroeconomic balance that is urgently necessary, the budget

Right to Work The Why and the Wheretofore

Right to Work: The Why and the Wheretofore Arun Ghosh 'Right to work' is not a laughable concept. It can and must be implemented. But it calls for certain pre-conditions, the most vital of which is democratic decentralisation, introduction of panchayati raj and the devolution of socio-economic development authority to democratically-elected local bodies.

Two of the Three Faces of Capitalism

Two of the Three Faces of Capitalism Arun Ghosh How does one provide employment and a minimum income to every adult member of the workforce? That is the most important problem to which our policies must be directed in the coming years.

IMF Borrowings Some Myths Exposed

IMF Borrowings: Some Myths Exposed Arun Ghosh We are bending to international pressure to radically alter our economic system with a suddenness (and in a direction) which may lead to a large number of closures and increased unemployment, with doubtful gains in regard to productivity. Is there no alternative?

Restructuring the Economy Pitfalls and Possibilities

Restructuring the Economy: Pitfalls and Possibilities Arun Ghosh Self-reliance does not mean autarky, nor blind import substitution. It does mean, however, that the country should learn to live within its means, that domestic savings should be raised to the level of domestic investment, that the distribution of income should be less inegalitarian so that the thrust for the development effort comes from the consumption demand of the masses.

What Is Happening to Farm Investments

What Is Happening to Farm Investments?
Arun Ghosh Now that there is a new government at the centre, it is time somebody drew attention to the long-term problems we are inviting upon ourselves by continuing to pursue the policies of the eighties. Neglect of farm investments is among the most ominous of these.

Trade Reform for Restructuring the Economy

Trade Reform for Restructuring the Economy Arun Ghosh We do need to liberate the Indian economy from the shackles of bureaucratic control, but trade reform of the type recommended by the World Bank is certainly not the first step in this direction.

India Big World s View of Small World

India: Big World's View of 'Small World' Arun Ghosh Opening up the economy to international capital and competition is not the solution to India's economic problems. It is a solution which has a powerful appeal to the affluent 100 million Indians; it is also a solution which will lead to external bankruptcy, a sudden deep recession (and consequent unemployment) and misery to the rest of the 750 million Indians.


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