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Adjustment Programmes and Interest Rate Policy

The policy of imposing high interest rates on a stagnant economy is the direct result of the obsession of the present policy-makers with success in the financial markets rather than in the matter of growth of the real economy.

1994-95 Budget A Total Surrender

1994-95 Budget: A Total Surrender Arun Ghosh The economy is not likely to see a major turnaround in 1994-95, for two good reasons: first, the nature, pattern and conditions of investment; and, second, the pattern of channelling of domestic savings. Both are affected by not only budgetary policies but also other economic policies.

The Smile of the Cheshire Cat

The Smile of the Cheshire Cat Arun Ghosh The budget for 1994-95 will show whether the prime minister 's speech at Davos about pursuing the middle way' in economic policy was mere rhetoric. Some hints about what to look for in the budget.

East and West, North and South

East and West, North and South Arun Ghosh One has to be thankful that certitudes do collapse. The collapse of the present certitude cf the triumph of the capitalist system-as we know it today

GATT, MTO and Indian Constitution

GATT, MTO and Indian Constitution Arun Ghosh In signing the agreement on the proposed reform of GATT, following the Uruguay Round discussions, the government has given away many vantage points and committed the country to a totally one-sided, White- man dominated arrangement of international economic relations, rendering irrelevant even the country's legal and juridical framework in the process. But since the revised GATT needs to be ratified by all countries, the remedy now lies with parliament Will the Indian parliament rise above petty squabbles on non-issues and emerge as a defender of the sovereignty of the country?

Democracy, Human Rights and Management of Technological Change

Democracy, Human Rights and Management of Technological Change THE problem facing India today-in fact a problem facing the whole world

Economic Development and the Market System

Isolated pockets of industrial excellence-by way of enclaves of 'efficient' foreign producers-do not make for either broad-based industrial growth or for overall improvement of efficiency and productivity. The market system has signally failed to propel such broad-based industrial growth in any developing country.

Social Security in an Insecure Economy

Where a country has pervading unemployment and underemployment, low productivity and low incomes, the concept of social security as it is understood in western societies has little meaning.

It Is Time We Reread Keynes

The Indian economy is heading for a long-run state of underdevelopment, of unemployment of large sections of the workforce and of underemployment of available natural and other resources.

Public Goods and Rush for Privatisation

Public Goods and Rush for Privatisation Arun Ghosh If we really want an efficient, forward-looking, dynamically growing economy, that would require a structural change of a totally different type from the one now unleashed on the Indian economy.


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